Gary Gray - Sculptor Of Sound
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Drummer/Keyboardist/Film Score Composer
Premiere Scoring Mixer

Gary Gray
Sculptor of Sound

A Member Of N.A.R.I.P.
National Association of Record Industry Professionals

Gary Gray Publishing
A Member of A.S.C.A.P.
The American Society Of Composers, Authors and Publishers

Endorsed by
Yamaha, Inc.

Trained on Cubase, ProTools

Owner, President
Parker Gray Management

Owner, Founder
International Network Transactions, LLC

Below is one of several videos comprising the newest course being released by Gary with Aaron Davison and called "Mysteries Of Mastering Solved."  In this video, several myths are busted & important secrets are revealed on the subject of Recording, Mixing and Mastering -- including a candid look at how to get Major Label Quality vocal tracks without ever leaving your Home Studio.  And you thought this was going to be just another boring tutorial. . . 

 Gary Gray recently produced the latest single "Headed Home" by Aaron Davison, founder of 

Mixed and Mastered by Gary in the tradition of timeless classic folk rock anthems of the '70's, 
a la Simon & Garfunkel, this inspiring and moving guitar-centric gem features Michael James
and Gary Gray 
on background vocals. Gary also played bass, keyboards and percussion.

"Headed Home" by Aaron Davison
Featuring Michael James
Produced by Gary Gray

Owner, Founder

The International Music Licensing Contest

The International Music Licensing Contest welcomes our latest Music Supervisor Judge to our Panel of Judges, Joseph Miller, Music Supervisor and music Coordinator for CBS Sports!  Joseph Miller is a Music Supervisor, Business Developer and Synch Agent to multiple international music placement companies. He has served as a panelist and judge at songwriter and artist pitching events and has collaborated with industry insiders to produce content that educates and inspires musicians interested in procuring synch placements.  Joseph is represented by the Max Steiner Agency in Los Angeles. He attended SUNY Oneonta where he earned a degree in Music Industry and Audio Production.  Since graduating in 2011, Joseph has been employed by Cherry Lane/BMG and served as a Music Specialist at A&E. He recently found his home at CBS Sports as their Music Coordinator.  Currently he resides in Jersey City. He is the first in-vitro twin from Long Island.  Welcome Aboard Joseph!
To Enter Your Music in the
International Music Licensing Contest

Director Of Artist Development

Author, "30 Years In 30 Days -
Discover 30 Years of Music Production
and Audio Engineering Secrets
- In Just 30 Days!"

To Purchase Your 176 Page, 30 Chapter Download Copy For a Pre-Release
Rate of $9.99 (Retail Value $45.00) CLICK HERE.

"Freedom Lives On In America" composed by Gary Gray
Premiered on CBS National Radio
For The 10th Anniversary of 9/11
September 11, 2011

             "Gary Gray is not only a great writer, arranger, producer and engineer; he has a keen eye for finding the best talent in the industry. His song 'Flowers In The Fire' is amazing."

– A.J., Producer - Usher, Rihanna, Justin Bieber

"You hit this one out of the park.  Sounds awesome. This is fantastic."

- The Disney Music Group


"Gary Gray is a Master.  His orchestrations fit my songs like a second pair of pants and made them 10 times better."

- Multi-Platinum Singer/Songwriter, Founder of Jefferson Starship,
Rock and Roll Hall Of Fame Inductee,

- Marty Balin

Gary's work is featured on Marty's latest solo album "Blue Highway."

           To listen to samples of the album and/or to purchase any of the tracks or the entire album


Gary Gray In Action In The Studio
With Australian Award Winning Composer/Pianist
Fiona Joy Hawkins
Sept 2012
Recording Session and Video Produced By
Gary Gray 

      "Gary Gray's mixing and mastering expertise is excellent. I chose the track he co-produced, mixed and mastered, 'Love Sick' as a single on the Concord Records soundtrack album for the Dennis Quaid film "Beneath The Darkness."

Mason Cooper, Hollywood Major Motion Picture Music Supervisor

"I've been writing songs for many years. My biggest frustration has been my inability to get a recording that does justice to the sound I hear in my head. I've worked with many talented musicians and engineers, but no one, until now, has possessed not only the skills, but the intuition to make that happen.

     "Gary's passion for music in general, as well as his devotion to the entire process of creating great music, has put an end to my searching. From pre-production to the final mixing and mastering, Gary has been not only the consummate professional, but also an inspiring coach, mentor, motivator and friend.  I've known for a long time now, that I would never be completely satisfied with any recording I made unless the vocals were "spot on." Gary's skills in vocal production and vocal coaching have proved to be invaluable. And I could not be more satisfied with the final, not "product," but Work Of Art.

     "I eagerly anticipate working with Gary again and again to create more musical Works Of Art!" - Dale Ray. Jan 2011

  To listen to Dale Ray's latest single "Bring It Back" at


     "For me, working with Gary Gray was a dream which finally came true.  Though I had been signed to a Major Label and recorded other people's songs, I had not had a chance to record my own original compositions. A friend of mine said it was time for me to get into the recording studio and brought me to meet Gary. Gary is amazingly patient, is meticulous with great attention to detail, is extremely sensitive to the artist as a performer and composer, and is so talented as a producer and orchestrator.

     My song “Tikkun Olam – A Song for Equality and Social Justice” was immediately chosen to be published as part of an anthology of music for social justice by a top music publishing company and within a week of release was chosen as the opening musical prayer for an event at the Israeli Embassy in Washington, D.C. in January 2010.  All this happened because Gary Gray made my music and my vocal recording beautiful. He is the best."

 - Hollywood Actress, Singer, Composer and Cantor, Riselle Bain. May 2010


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